KC MetalCraft Artistic Products - Series 1 Decorative Clocks

This is the start of a series of unique clocks. As always, each are individually made, and no two are ever alike (unless you'd like a matched set).

The diameters (to start) are 10" (25.4cm) and 8" (20.3cm). This first series is made from aluminum. There will be a variety of hand styles and finishes available, and decoration, metals, and configuration of the clocks will vary.

Boxes with * can be viewed and purchased at:

Ventana Inn and Spa Resort
Big Sur, CA

If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Clock C1A01
10", plain face
* Clock C1A02
10", slight decoration
* Clock C1A03
10", rounded edges
Clock C1A04
10", thin spokes
Clock C1A05
10", rounded edges
decorated face
Clock C1A06
10", plain face
beveled edges
smaller center piece
* Clock C1A07
8", decorated face
Clock C1A08
8", decorated face
two half spokes

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