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Artistic Products

We have a number of artistic yet functional designs that we're putting together. So far all of these product lines are made from aluminum, bronze and brass, but we are also starting to use copper.

We do not use automated CNC machines for our artistic products- all are built individually by hand. This means that each product is a unique one-of-a-kind item (although we can make matched sets of anything upon request). As such, there isn't any point to numbering the products. Each item is hand-initialed, which in turn is part of our logo stamped on the inside (and shown above).

Please see Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Until we produce an inventory of products for purchase, most items will be made to order. We will of course always build products to our customer's requirements upon request.

If you can imagine it, we can build it.

These products can be viewed and purchased at:

Ventana Inn and Spa Resort
Big Sur, CA

Contact us:   408-718-2463

Decorative Clocks
Round Treasure Boxes

Contact us:   408-718-2463